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Art Place Group of Introverted Artists

About the Group

A virtual community hosted by creativity instigator and artist "Gisèle Grenier for introverted artists that love to share what they create.  

You Should Join if...

You're looking for creative inspiration

You want to share pictures of artwork you've created

You have tips and techniques you've learned that work for you

You're looking for community and not a place only for self promotion

You're looking for a self place to help break your inner critic

To learn some new things

You're willing to participate by giving back to the community by sharing tips, ideas, inspiration, offering support and boosting each other up.

Fed up with other social platforms with so many ads, that it distracts you from a positive experience.

If you are a student of Gisèle Grenier (that's an easy one)

Do not join if...

You're looking for a place only for self-promotion, advertising yourself or other artists, bullying, poaching or to spam.

You have no intention on contributing to the community.  Lurking for no more than 60 days is fine while while learning how to navigate the community.  If you are not active after 60 days, you will be removed from the community.

Under no circumstances are discussions regarding politics and religion permitted in the group.   We all have our own beliefs and there are a ton of other groups out there for these discussions.  This group is not one of them.  

A Big Thanks

A personal thank you to the members here that welcome new members into the group!   You ROCK!

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